Friday, October 1, 2010


talk nicely and ppl will respect u as well, but if u don;t then u deserve this

ppl may asked me about this blog;

1. why u do this blog?
2. bukan before this u da ade blog ke?
3. blog nih for syok sendiri je? is that for real?
4. maybe u buat blog, bcoz of u orang yang sangat bosan kot -___________-
5. perhaps, u ta suka ur past blog, then u buat yang baru, maybe.

thats all guys , enough lemme answer your question;

I tend to this new blog, its just because the OLD one its suck. i do private my blog, its just because ONE bitch keep stalking me , and annoying comment was there from you bitch. keep looking and keep updating, but no one appreciate it. yes i do blog because i like to typing and reading my own blog, any prob hun? hahahaha, its a lil bit funny, in this blog, i do ave my freedom to speak out . Forget bout my vocabulary or grammar because i use my own words, i HATE to copy cat others blog or others words. That's all for today, guys who are invited , thanks alots. SHARING IS CARING kan kan?!

lots of love;
copyright 2010

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  1. use '' i like to type '' instead of '' i like to typing '' . dah ada ing bt apa nak letak to . hehe . kalau nak buang ''to'' , tulis lahh '' i like typing''