Friday, October 1, 2010



one of my friends said;

1. ta payah nak DIET sangat la mya.
2. ape motif ko diet weyh?
3. eyh baru sekarang nak diet?
4. DIET secara sihat, tamo makan diri OK.

Now for make it clear guys, i diet its just because of one my friends challenge me, we compete each other btw THANKS MR F <3 and most important things, i mmg nak kurus. uhhh sape x nak kann,many other girls use to do that. one more things, xtahan dikeji, dihina dan sewaktu dengannya. true, that ppl said, if he love u, ofcoz he will accept u as well as ure kan? But ppl nowadays, tend to look the physical then they will jump into the conclusion. See , what happen, if u get through the facebook, everybody was IN RELATIONSHIP, and happily eva after , insyallah.. but me, just looking up for someone. perhaps or maybe ade, hanya TUHAN yang menentukan, so bersabar la, and while for waiting just ikhtiar kann, oke berbalik cerita pasal DIET nih, im starting my DIET on Sunday 26, 2010. starting for avoiding nasi. alhamdulillah bole tahan, but fer sure after makan makann like soup or else, i jadi cam selalu sangat nak muntah, not that sengaja muntahkan but i imagine the SOTO is full of minyak , not that soup :( grrr. its so so euwww.. thats y laaa muntahh, one more things maybe perot masuk angin. thenn one day, jiran sebelah ruma buat OPEN HOUSE for us , thenn dia masak plak NASI LEMAK, and u know what, i still can tahan lagi . makan nasi skit je; thenn aloads of timunn ngaaap dalam mulutt; slurrpp.. HAHAHA . Suprisingly, my friends bawak i pegy makan one of our favourite dish, AYAM PENYET. Oh goshh, think twicely, alahai makan je la. i thought i habis taw makan, butt yess i berjaya .. makan nasi skit. also tadi for lunch, nasi dua suaap je. alhamdulillah, bukan x bole makan NASI but u most control that la kan, pray for me guys. thanks for your concerning, i really apprciated that,
LOVE YOU guys <3 

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  1. nak diet...makan oat ngn biskut berhasil....hehe :)